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Up on the Ridge

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Let's go to the ridge...

The ridge top. Where the green trees and lush grass and clover creates a green canopy tunnel of magic. The ridge top, where the animals roam and memories are created. Hours of sitting pondering the meaning of life, where God and His glory are sought. A place that evokes heaven on earth for those who seek stillness, marvel at nature's wonder and the changes nature makes season after season. Whether it is in full lush and green, turning amber's and oranges in the fall, or the bare vulnerability in the winter, reminding us that all seasons bring us something beautiful and always giving us a lesson in the way nature and man mirror each other in every way.

Up on the Ridge.

Earth + Green Clover + Grass

Notes of fresh earth + green clover + grass

6 oz Double Wicked Black Matte Camper Tin