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Star Fall

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I will love you until the stars fall....

There is nothing quite like watching the stars appear in the night sky. The light fades and then the stars appear, glittering the sky with it's magic. So many nights have come and gone on our property, sometimes I think about what it was like back in the past, what things looked like. We have owned it 7 years and while some may say we've had a slow go of it, we've done it steady, on own our and are continuing to build a legacy for our children. I will love this land until the stars fall, over and over, because it is where our marriage was strengthened, and my babies have grown up being free and wild. The cost, the work, the time, is priceless.

Elderberry + White Birch

Notes of wild rich elderberry + white birch tree

6 oz Double Wicked Black Matte Camper Tin