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But First, Coffee

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But First, Coffee.

The first thing I reach for in the morning is my reheated cup of coffee. My husband wakes up at 3am to head to the steel mill, while I rise around 5, my 3 year old waking me up with a very enthusiastic GOOD MORNING MOMMY! I reheat the coffee he had made for work, dump some creamer in and shuffle my way to the couch.  My dog is in my spot, not wanting to move but it is warm at least... The other 2 kids are still sleeping so me and my 3 year old snuggle up with an old blanket, and I start my morning devotions. The coffee warms my body and mind, and I am able to adjust, warm my heart and prepare for the day ahead.

Notes of Cafe' Caramel Latte', Sea Salt Caramel and Italian Liqueur.

16 oz Double Wick Candle Burns Approximately 55 hours