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Gingered Peach

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One of my most favorite scents, this summer time aroma is compiled of sweet juicy peaches, warm ginger and clove. 

Smells like caramelized peaches.

This scent was inspired by our local peach grower down the street. Year by year he has less and less trees due to freezing winters and age of the trees. But every year I see the peach sign come out I am thankful and appreciative for the annual gift of fresh peaches. I know there will be a day that sign doesn't come out, so I enjoy the fruits while I am able.

We freeze them for smoothies, and make my own version of Gingered Peaches with some spices. I sautee' the peaches with my selection of spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and clove) and put them on top of ice cream. It's like peach pie without the crust!