Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen.

Not that pretty white one you pin on Pinterest.

Not the one with the subway tile. Not the one with the copper sink.

Not any of those glamorous kitchen's inspired this collection.

This is far more sentimental.

This collection is about...

The Farmhouse Kitchen you grew up with.

You know, the one with the oak or walnut cabinets that you can still smell that wood.

The ones mom would orange oil every 6 months to keep them nice and shiny.

The Farmhouse Kitchen grandma decorated APPLE theme and it stayed that way.

The Farmhouse Kitchen where we sat and did our homework.

The Farmhouse Kitchen that now always has fresh cookies baked for the grand kids.

This kitchen means so much more than pretty subway tile and white cabinets.

These scents are a reflection of the humble farmhouse kitchens I had the privilege of growing up in.

These scents are their memories, their stories.