Farmhouse Fresh

Farmhouse Fresh

Growing up we spent most of our spring and summer growing our own food, or visiting the local orchards and mom and pop garden stands and grocery stores.

There wasn't a Wal-Mart, we had places like IGA and Emmert's Marketplace in a 1 stop light town.

We would drive numerous places to get our blueberries, cherries, peaches and other farm grown produce.

These are some of my most favorite and vivid memories growing up.

These scents are inspired by those fresh fruits of my childhood.

Whether it was the citrus bowl in the kitchen, freshly picked fruit, lemonade on the front porch, it was just a simpler time.

Let these scents take you back to a time of quiet drives, slow drives and knowing where your food came from.

The freshness of nature's bounty, let it fill your home with nostalgia, happiness and joy.