Summer on the Farm

Summer is in full swing here and the farm is hustling with work to do!

I have taken a bit of a summer break on things here to re-prioritize, help with my family, and gain some focus and clarity on this business of mine.

In a world telling us to do more, hustle harder, and slay those goals, sometimes we have seasons where we must draw back, do less, and discern what God is telling us for the next season in our lives.

I've been helping tend gardens, shuttling my kids to and fro to activities, church, 4-H, dance and everything in between. It's definitely a season of serving my family and loving them.

We started harvesting the wheat and baling straw and that will take up some time in the coming week or so, then it is on to 4-H, fair and back to school!

In this season I am learning so much about what I want to see out of this business, how it can grow and re-scale itself into something better than what it was before. I am finding a new calling and mission and it will be something that aligns much more than what it has in the past.

The main thing is letting go of the old to build the new.

All these things take time, as with everything there is a season...

Ecclesiastes 3

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