Spring has Arrived and All Things are New...

It's April 7th and we've had a very early spring here in the Midwest.

The trees are in bud and green, the flowering trees all are ready to burst open with new life. We mowed for the first time and the aroma of fresh grass is the official scent of spring. 

It's a refreshing time, although a busy one.

I have been working on some spring clean up outside, raking leaves, planting some planters and picking up sticks this week. It's a welcomed chore as I have been feeling a little lost in this business and it has been frustrating to me.

After this past year, I am yearning for slower moments, moments to catch up with friends and family. A time to pause and just savor the quiet and find peace after so much uncertainty. I am craving time to fill my soul with the gospel, work in the ways the Lord has placed on my heart. I am reminded I can do all things through Christ, that it is not a ALL or NOTHING mentality with my work. But knowing the seasons to pull back, the seasons to push forward.

God has been calling me to community. I am eager and excited to see how this transforms which will result in the Shed opening again end of the Month. I plan to host some bible studies around the fire pit and ultimately a place for others to feel comfortable, and want to share and converse in business and faith or just a place to feel like they can go to and find a friend. I refer to this as Soul Sessions, as it was so placed on my heart last year.

I still have so much unanswered but I am forging along this path and know my faith will guide me.

I have some exciting new creations planned for the rest of spring and summer and stay tuned for those as I really jumped out of my comfort zone and truly just created from the heart, which does the soul some good.

Talk soon friends, be well and may God bless you,



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