Scents Evoke Feelings

I have a question to ask.

Do you remember the first time you bought and lit a candle?

I can guess most people would say no.

I do think people buy candles to evoke a certain feeling in their home and their moods, however but sometimes you forget how you even got started!

I do remember my first candle purchase. If I only knew then what I know now....down the rabbit hole Alice!

I was at the state fair for a band concert and we had free time to cruise around the vendor expo auditorium and there was a soy wax candle company.

I was in love. I thought that it was so cool. They had so many scents. I was stuck between a rain scent (masculine...of course I should have known then how much I already gravitated to those scents) and a fresh cut grass scent.

I picked the grass.

They called it Hay Field and I cherished that candle. I would barely burn it because I didn't want to never not smell that scent. Finally I caved and burned it and in so the love affair continued.

Candle after Candle.

But I always remember that first candle.

I challenge you to document how you feel when you light a candle.

How are you feeling when you chose that scent?

What is it making you feel?

I guarantee you there is an underlying reason behind that decision that means more than you think. 

Thoughts to ponder over the weekend.



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I wish my first candle story was as good as yours! I bought one of those curly “ribbon” candles from a shop at the mall as a gift. To my 12 year old self, it was beautiful…but the smell made me sick, haha! I really should count my “first candle” story as when I first purchased from you. The ginger lime in a copper toned tin showed me I could once again enjoy the comfort of a candle in my home. :)

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