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The Signature Collection

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Welcome to MNK Candle

Raised in a farming family I've watched the magic of planting seeds to harvesting crops. Like soybeans to soy-wax; Candle Making, is a process. I create to recapture the experience of scent and story that have been created through these vessels of light. From everything from the scents I choose to the stories they help me recall, I create with my soul to touch lives and share moments with my customers all over the country. Each of my products is created with you in mind, a little slice of Farm to Flame.

Blending the Power of Scent + Story

Our Vision.

Our vision at MNK Candle is to create scented story telling moments through our natural soy candles. As farmers we are invested in the farming community and the process of candle making using only the best materials the market has to offer.

We aim to cultivate community through our acts of service. We want every customer to feel like an important and valuable part of our business. Our goal is to create and foster a community of friends not just customers.

Our passion is to bring you a slice of the Farm to the Flame in every purchase.